Together, finding the strength to overcome.

With the support of his University in Korea, Dr. Chad pulled together like-minded UK and US-trained and licensed professionals who understand the struggles and challenges of living in this world—yet who also believe in the immense strength of individuals to find ways to persist and triumph over difficulty. Through this, we bring to you the Seoul Counseling Center. Together, finding the strength to overcome.

They speak both English and Korean and their diverse experiences have led them to understand both Korean and Western cultures. They are licensed internationally in the US, Canada, and Korea.

Our Administrative Team & Support Staff

Taking care of your client experience & administrative needs behind the scenes

Founder, CEO, & Licensed Psychologist (US, Korea, TRICARE)

Administrative Team

Billing and Accounting Specialist
Therapist Success
Administrative Specialist

Our team of counselors, therapists, and psychologists at Seoul Counseling Center are fluent in English and Korean and are well-trained to help you deal with your mental health challenges and achieve your goals.