We Evaluate the following

  • Academic Achievement
  • IQ & Intellectual Functioning
  • DSM-5 Evaluations
  • Psycho-Educational Evaluations
  • Personality Testing
  • Social-Emotional Strength Assessment
  • Suicide Risk Assessment & Safety Planning


  • ADHD
    Inattention / Hyperactivity
  • Emotional Problems
    Anxiety / Depression / PTSD / OCD / Etc.
  • Behavioral Problems
    Oppositional Defiant Disorder / Conduct Disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Low and High Functioning ASD / Asperger Syndrome
  • Specific Learning Disorders
    Reading (Dyslexia) / Writing (Dysgraphia) / Mathematics (Dyscalculia)

You may need A psychological Evaluation:

  • If Referred For Testing. Someone referred you (or your child) for an evaluation to help you learn more about your needs. 
  • For Testing Accommodations. You are looking for testing accommodations on a standardized test.
  • To Better Understand Yourself. There has been a recent change in yourself (or child) that you would like to better understand.
  • You Suspect a Problem. You suspect that you may have a particular mental health issue, but you want to confirm that suspicion with a professional to better understand yourself and to inform future services.
  • To Complete 504 Plans / IEP Evaluations. We offer evaluations to see if you meet certain challenges that could make you or your child eligible for certain employment or education support services. 

The 3 Steps for Psychological Evaluation

Remote Assessment Also Available!

Step 1.

One of our Seoul Counseling Center team will correspond with you via email, by phone, or in-person to determine which testing areas are needed. The areas will be determined in consultation with one of our Psychologists. 

Step 2.

You will visit our Center to complete the evaluation. Remote (online) evaluations are also available in some situations. Depending on the areas of concern, the evaluation may include the following types of tasks, which may be completed in a single day, or across multiple days:

  • Computer-based tasks
  • Cognitive & memory tasks
  • Behavioral performance tasks
  • Clinical questionnaires
  • Clinical interviews

Step 3.

After a few weeks, you will meet with your assigned Seoul Counseling Center Psychologist in a 50-minute meeting to:

  • Review and explain the results
  • Explain all relevant service recommendations and follow-up support options for you based on the evaluation.

The Costs of a Psychological Evaluation

The Psychological Evaluation options above are typically done as part of a full-battery assessment, involving a variety of standardized assessments and information collected from multiple informants. 

For example, an in-person client evaluation can take from 3 to 8 hours, with additional information gathering from other informants taking an additional 4-6 hours. Scoring assessments, interpreting results, formulating problem conceptualization, writing a report, and creating customized service recommendations can take a further 6-8 hours. This comprehensive evaluation process thus ranges from 10 to over 25 hours for our psychologist, so evaluation fees vary depending on which assessments are done. Please contact us for details. 

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