Couples Counseling

At Seoul Counseling Center (SCC), our English-speaking and bilingual couples counselors are trained to help you restore your relationship and marriage through couples counseling. 

It is common for couples to find themselves in a negative cycle, full of:

  • Blame
  • Resentment
  • Fear of rejection & abandonment
  • Feelings of shame & discouragement

But the negative cycle can be reversed!

In our Couples & Marriage Counseling sessions, you will learn the skills and obtain the insight needed to stop negative cycles to help restore your relationship, . 

Gaining such skills sooner rather than later can significantly enhance relationships, well-being, and emotional companionship, while preventing needless suffering with those we love. Skills that have been found to enhance relationships and keep couples together include:

  • Learn forgiveness
  • Express emotions
  • Increase shared responsibility 
  • Show greater appreciation
  • Be more honest
  • Gain empathy
  • Share in perspective taking
  • Restore humor
  • Sacrifice for one another
  • Learn to love again and take risks for each other, etc.

Couples & Marriage Counseling

Healing wounds through forgiveness, understanding, and the decision to choose life in relationships is vital. Don’t walk away from the one you love. Let us help you and your partner to tailor and refine your relationship skills. Take a plan of action with us that is practical, challenging, and realistic to allow yourselves the chance to grow further together, not apart, and to see the results that you have strived for…through a new lens and a new light.

Couples Counseling Korea


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