There are sometimes things in life that feel unbearable, with no seeming end in sight. This is not the life we wanted. We sometimes consider ending it all.

Suicidality is usually progressive, including the following:

  • Thoughts of death
  • Wanting to die
  • Making a plan
  • Taking steps and preparations
  • Making a suicide attempt

But there are other ways.

As tempting as suicide may feel at times, there are other ways to overcome the pains of life. You are stronger than you think; we need to learn or remember that there are other ways, and that life can get better.

Our U.S. Licensed Psychologists and Therapists are trained to help you overcome feelings of suicide and help you better orient yourself toward the world—both your inner and outer world—to learn to see this complex world differently, find places of refuge when you need it, and identify meaningful fights and pursuits worth living for.

Never give up. Choose to stay…

For Emergencies

  • For Emergencies, please call 119 and/or go directly to the Emergency Room at your nearest hospital
  • Suicide Hotline in Korea: 1588-9191


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