Step 1

Submit Schedule Appointment Webform

Fill out our Schedule Appointment Webform to let us know that you are interested in receiving counseling at Seoul Counseling Center.

Step 2

Connect with our Registration Team

After you submit your Schedule Appointment form, our Registration team will reach out to you based on your responses in order to get all the information we need from you to match you with your therapist and get you set up for counseling.

Our Intake Coordinator Will Walk You Through These Important First Steps 

  1. Consent Form. Review Our Consent Form and Background Form.
  2. Client Portal. Sign you up to our Secure Client Portal.  
  3. TRICARE Policy Holders. Due to TRICARE’s requirements, our TRICARE policyholders will have to be matched with an Intake Psychologist to undergo 2 intake sessions prior to starting sessions with their assigned counselor. Our Registration Team will walk you through this process once you have all of your forms submitted.
  4. Payment Options. Explain our payment options.
  5. Counselor Preferences. Go over your preferences for your counselor.
  6. Questions. Answer any questions before starting.
Step 3

Matching with your Counselor

After you submit all of your intake forms, our Registration Team will match you with your counselor. You will also be offered the option to complete a psychological questionnaire to provide to your counselor prior to starting counseling.

Matching you with the best-fitting counselor is important for your counseling experience. The Intake Meeting will help us get clarity on the following areas to ensure the best experience possible at our center.  


  • 1-hour meeting with our Intake Assessment Team
  • Identify your Primary Problem Areas 
  • Share your Counseling Style Preferences and Desired Counseling Approach
  • It is important that we do a thorough screening prior to starting counseling to ensure that your matched counselor has the expertise in your areas of need.


  • Review Results. Intake Assessor will review your identified Primary Problem Areas & Mental Health Goals (based on results from the intake meeting and completed questionnaires).
  • Discuss Services. Intake Assessor will share with you his/her recommended services that we offer.
  • Match with Counselor. Intake Assessor will match you with the best-fitting counselor to best meet your needs and preferences for counseling.


  • In certain situations, you may want to or need to skip the intake process to start counseling immediately, such as in the following situations.
    • Urgent care needs (such as suicidality)
    • Intake already conducted elsewhere
    • EAP clients
Step 4

Start Counseling 

Once you are matched with one of our counselors, you are ready to start counseling!

People begin counseling with us for many reasons, such as to:

  • Reduce Life Stress
  • Reduce Depression or Anxiety
  • Overcome Trauma & PTSD
  • Manage ADHD and Inattention
  • Overcome other difficulties, and have a safe space to talk

Many people also come to our Center to get help with improving their relationships, such as with their family members, spouse, significant other, colleagues, and friends.

Many people also work with our Counselors to increase their sense of life purpose, identity, values, and goals. 

Common services are:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling 
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Online Counseling

Our team of US-trained therapists, counselors, and psychologists are here to listen and understand you, clarify your goals, help you aim up, learn what you need to let go of, and discover how to do so—so that you can experience the peace you need and the life you deserve. 

Every great journey begins by taking that first step! 


Counseling Fees
(Choose Your Provider Type)

Non-Licensed Interns/
Resident Counselors

  • Interns (Pre-MA Degree): ₩60,000
  • Resident (Post-MA): ₩90,000
  • Supervised by Psychologist

Wellbeing & Couples
Counseling Fee

₩60,000 – 90,000/hr


Not Offered

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