Step 1

Submit Schedule Appointment Webform

Fill out our Schedule Appointment Webform to let us know that you are interested in receiving counseling at the Seoul Counseling Center.

Step 2

Schedule a Brief Phone (or Zoom) Call Prior to Intake Session

Prior to your 1st Intake Session, we need you to have a brief 15-minute phone
(or Zoom) call with our Scheduling Coordinator.

She Will Walk You Through These Important First Steps

  1. Help sign you up with our Secure Client Portal. 
    • Explain how to use the Therapist Messaging System
    • Explain how to use the Client Self-Scheduling System
  2. Review with you our Consent Form and Client Background Form
  3. Explain our payment options
  4. Answer any questions before coming in
Step 3

Intake Meeting

(prior to starting counseling)

Before we can best help you and match you with the best fitting therapist, we need to first know what your main concerns are. 

Intake Session

This 1st Intake Session involves a 1-hour meeting with a member from our Intake Psychologist Team specialized in identifying your primarily problem areas, service needs, and matching you with the best-fitting therapist from our provider team. 

INTAKE Results Meeting

Your Intake Psychologist will meet with you a second time (within a week, whenever possible) for the 1-hour Intake Results Meeting to:

  1. Review Results. Intake Psychologist will review with you his/her impressions of your primary mental health problems (based on results from the intake meeting and completed questionnaires).  
  2. Discuss Services. Intake Psychologist will share with you his/her recommended services that we offer.
  3. Match with Counselor. Intake Psychologist will match you with the best-fitting counselor to best meet your needs.
Step 4

Start Counseling 

Once you complete our Intake Process, we will match you with a therapists and
you will be ready to start counseling with one of our counselors!

People begin counseling with us for many reasons, whether it be to reduce their life stress, feelings of depression or anxiety, overcome trauma, attention challenges, or others areas of life. 

Many people also come to our Center to get help with their relationships, such as their marriages or interpersonal relationships at work or with their family members. 

Our team of US-trained therapists and psychologists are here to help you through even the toughest times. We are here if you feel stuck and are looking for someone to understand what you are going through, help you find new ways to move forward, and find the strength to overcome.  

Every great journey begins by taking that first step! 

1-time Intake Fee

We offer different Intake fees to meet your needs, depending on your situation. 
This is a 1-time Intake fee prior to starting counseling, needed to help us understand your needs prior to beginning.  

Contact us if you need support accessing services due to financial hardship. 


Counseling Fees

Have a Question?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

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