Confused where you belong?

Having difficulty integrating into Korean culture?

Feelings lost and frustrated?

These are the new challenges of living in this new globalized world. We are now left to deal with the complexities of this continually growing world—strained by its own rapid development, multi-culturalism, cultural polarity, and other factors contributing to confusion of our identity. We have seen too much of the other world, and have been hurt too much by our own. We want to fix the world, but feel powerless. We often don’t know where to begin, nor what’s left to do. We want to leave, but we can’t, for we don’t know where is home.

These are the challenges of our new world that we share together. You are not alone in this.

Sit down with one of our therapists and explore who you are, fusing together all that you have seen, learned, and become. Learn to find comfort in where and who you are, integrating your strengths, re-connecting in new ways, and living with more peace.


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