Corporate Counseling Trainings, Workshops and Employee Career Services

We provide the following corporate counseling services for organizations:

  • Employee Psychological Assessments
    To provide feedback to enhance work efficiency and work culture
  • Employee Workshops & Presentations
    To promote mental health understanding and service connection
  • On-site & Online Employee Counseling 
    To offer easily accessible mental health care when needed
  • Grief Counseling
    To provide support in times of grief
  • And more
    Contact us for additional questions

Elite Organizational Counseling for Korea  

Despite the official name, corporate counseling is for more than just corporations. All organizations and workplaces can benefit from the wide variety of services and coaching that we offer. From embassies and non-profits to government agencies and charities, we can help all organizations increase employee satisfaction and be more productive. 

  • Employee personality and skill evaluations help people find their personal niche and collaborate with others.
  • Group counseling for teams can help increase team productivity and reduce stress from misunderstandings and interpersonal conflicts.
  • Interactive workshops help increase both morale and employee camaraderie as well as grow a sense of community. 
  • Career guidance for employees helps make the most of the skills each team member brings to your organization.

Corporate Counseling

With local physical offices in both Seoul and Pyeongtaek, Seoul Counseling Center has experienced therapists and counselors located near you. If you are on the HR / human resources team, reach out to us today for a custom-tailored plan to improve workplace satisfaction and take care of your team’s mental health.  

Corporate Counseling Korea

Corporate Counseling Korea