Sex Problems Counseling

Do you have difficulty being physically intimate? You might be unable to perform sexually due to anxiety or fear, and the professionals at Seoul Counseling Center are here to help. Sex problems can be a real issue for both women and men. Most people who are suffering from sex problems are never told about it. Gender stereotypes and misconceptions result in some women being ashamed to talk about their sex issues, while a man’s sex problems can be perceived as a sign of weakness.

Unfortunately, a large number of people experience sex problems in their life, including low sex drive, sexual issues, erectile dysfunction, sexual performance anxiety, prudery, inability of orgasm, feelings of awkwardness and awkwardness during sex. The fact is that sex problems can affect anyone, regardless of whether it’s a man or woman and regardless of their age.

The effects of sex problems are many, ranging from anxiety and depression, poor performance at work, relationship problems, to higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. There are many solutions available for sex problems, including counseling, medications, supplements, and techniques to increase libido.

Sex Problems Counseling is used to help those suffering from a variety of issues, including the following common types of problems: 

  • Arousal disorder is marked by the inability to become physically aroused or excited during sexual activity.

  • Desire disorder is a lack of sexual desire or having little or no interest in sex or intimacy.

  • Premature ejaculation is seen in men who climax (orgasm) and emit semen just prior to or shortly after commencing sexual intercourse.

  • Orgasm disorder is delayed or absence of orgasm.

  • Pain disorder can be any level of discomfort during intercourse.


Sexual Dysfunction

The symptoms a sex therapist will treat include premature or delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction (ED), hypoactive sexual desire, female orgasmic difficulty. You might want to seek sex counseling if you’ve had any of the aforementioned symptoms for over six months and lack a fulfilling sex life. Other reasons to undergo treatment is if your disorder causes notable personal or relationship distress, is not due to a non-sexual mental disorder, or can be ascribed to a medical condition or medicine (side-effects).


Sex Problems Counseling Approaches

Acute symptoms of sexual disfunction may require one or more of the following types of treatment:

  • Sex Problems Counseling is for those suffering from sexual problems that can’t be typically be solved by medication. This type of counseling can be combined with marriage counseling, with both types available at Seoul Counseling Center.

  • Psychotherapy can be used for those affected by sexual dysfunction. Our professional counselors can help you overcome sexual anxiety, trauma, guilt, fear, and body image issues.

  • Behavioral Techniques can provide one with insight on their relationship. Other techniques might address self-stimulation to treat arousal or orgasm problems.


Sex Life – Sex Education

If you want a healthy sex life and improved emotional health, you and your partner should pursue education to better understand sexual behavior to overcome sexual function anxiety. Having regular dialogue with your partner to better understand each other’s needs and concerns can help remove barriers that keep you from having a healthy sex life.

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