Emergency Resources

Below are resources you can access in case of emergencies

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Last Updated on August 18th, 2023

If in an emergency, please call:

Emergency Services:

  • 119 (Accidents, rescue, injury)
  • 112 (Crime, child abuse, harm towards others)

Suicide Hotlines (24-hour Support):

* Please note that these local services may not have English-speaking options available: 119, 112, Lifeline Korea

**Disclaimer. Please note that the options provided here are not comprehensive and should be utilized as one of the available resources. You are encouraged to seek service providers that align closely with your requirements. The Seoul Counseling Center does not have any affiliations with the providers mentioned below and cannot vouch for their quality or suitability for your specific needs. We strongly recommend conducting your own research to determine the best choice for your situation.



Outside Seoul

Gyeonggi-do 경기도

Chungcheong-do 충청도

  • Chungnam National University Hospital 충남대학교병원
  • Cheonan Dankook University Hospital 천안단국대학교병원

Gwangju 광주

Busan 부산