About Our Therapists

Our team of counselors, therapists, and psychologists at Seoul Counseling Center are fluent in English and Korean and are well-trained to help you deal with your mental health challenges and achieve your goals.

We are internationally-licensed mental health professionals, trained to help you with problems including anxiety, depression, and relationship problems.

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U.S. & Korea Licensed Psychologist
U.S. Licensed Psychologist
Licensed Master Social Worker
Licensed Psychologist
Therapist Intern
Mental Health Counselor
Intern Counselor & Assessor
U.S. Registered Psychological Assistant
Psychologist & Licensed Counselor
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Licensed Master’s Social Worker
U.S. Licensed Professional Counselor
U.S. Licensed Clinical Social Worker
US Psychologist & US Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Licensed Therapist
Psychotherapist, Marriage and Family Counselor
US Licensed Psychotherapist
U.S. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Ontario Registered Psychotherapist
Ontario Registered Psychotherapist
U.S. Certified Speech-Language Pathologist (USA, ASHA #12156350)