Suicidal Thoughts

There are sometimes things in life that feel unbearable, with no seeming end in sight. This is not the life we wanted. We feel stuck. We feel alone. We feel like a burden to the world. And so we sometimes think about ending life.

When we feel suicidal, we often start to:

  • have frequent thoughts of death and dying;
  • have the desire to die;
  • make plans and take steps to prepare end our lives; or
  • make suicidal gestures or attempts.

If you find yourself doing any of the above, please know there are other ways to overcome.

As tempting as suicide may feel at times, there are other ways to overcome the pains of life. We need to remember that there are other ways and that life can and usually will get better.

Our U.S. Licensed Psychologists and Therapists are trained to help you overcome feelings of suicide and help you through even the most challenging times. 

Please remember that: 

  • you are not alone;
  • you are not a burden;
  • the world really does need you; and
  • you can and do make a difference.

Choose to stay…

Contact a professional for support, if needed. 

For Emergencies in South Korea

  • please call 119 immediately and/or go directly to an Emergency Room at your nearest hospital; or
  • call Korea’s Suicide Hotline: 1588-9191

For Emergencies in the USA

Thank you for visiting our Suicidal Thoughts page, please see our blog posts for more useful tips and information.

Suicidal Thoughts


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