5 reasons counseling can work for you in Korea

5 reasons counseling can work for you in Korea

5 reasons counseling can work for you in Korea

When considering counseling, one can have many questions and concerns. What is counseling? How will it help me? Also, most commonly: Why should I believe that counseling can be effective? People can often be very skeptical about the practice, and in order to ease some of your concerns, I’ll unpack a few reasons why you should believe that counseling does indeed work.

  1. Your Friends Speak Highly About Counseling 

You have likely heard from a friend who swears by counseling as their life improved after undergoing such treatment. If you haven’t, consider reaching out to someone who has been to counseling to learn more about their experience. Chances are high that they will speak highly of it, with less than five percent of participants describing their experience with counseling as negative (Reference).

  1. Science Supports Counseling 

Scientists and psychologists alike argue in favor of counseling. High-quality studies have been conducted through reviews and meta-analyses of various kinds of treatment, focusing on counseling as well as more intensive variations, such as Residential Treatment Centers. The main findings of these studies have been that counseling significantly reduces suicide rates, while long-term, it has been found in many cases to be more effective than medication.

  1. Governments Support Counseling 

Governments and private foundations worldwide have dedicated millions of dollars for the funding and research of effective treatments, including counseling. Most developing nations spend upwards of 80 USD per capita on mental health. South Korea, in particular, has begun to steadily increase its budget for mental health services, from 18 million USD in 2010 to 43 million USD in 2014, with the rate continuing to climb (Patel et al., 2018). 

So, why do countries set aside a significant amount of money for mental health treatment? Not only do they do it to benefit citizens, but also for the economy. Costing an average of 16 trillion USD dollars worldwide every year, mental health expenses harm economies (Patel et al., 2018). This economic deficit motivates nations to find ways to reduce and prevent common mental health afflictions, ranging from anxiety to depression and beyond. Research shows that every US dollar invested in improving treatment for common mental illnesses leads to a return of four US dollars in better overall health and work performance (World Health Organization, 2017).

  1. Support from Insurance Companies

If you don’t take our word, believe your insurance providers, which are very selective in terms of what they support, rarely (if ever) opting to pay for unnecessary expenses. Through this logic, the fact that the majority of mental health treatments (including counseling) are covered by insurance should be reason enough to believe in the effectiveness of counseling.

  1. Support from Experience

Sometime in your life, you may have changed a cognitive or behavioral pattern of yours and felt the positive benefits of doing so. Counseling, in turn, helps guide you toward making these changes more effectively and efficiently. Trained therapists provide you with an outlet to address your problems and to receive help in working to make changes that will significantly improve your way of living.

In Conclusion…, 5 reasons counseling can work for you in Korea

The number of mental health clinics is constantly rising worldwide. Counseling services are clearly effective and are in high demand. Here at Seoul Counseling Center, we are firm believers in the effectiveness of counseling, offering sessions that do not require a long-term obligation. Session-by-session scheduling is available, and we hope that after having read the reasons about, you will consider scheduling an appointment with us, if you are in need of support from trained professionals. Contact us anytime at https://seoulcounseling.com for details.

Ranging from governments to insurance companies, scientists to friends, a large number of institutions and individuals are in support of counseling. If you aren’t yet convinced, we understand. Try it yourself and you be the judge! It may just change your life for the better. We hope that this article on 5 reasons counseling can work for you in Korea was helpful.

Five reasons counseling can work for you in Korea

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