Dorthy Stott, M.S., CCC-SLP

Dorthy Stott, M.S., CCC-SLP

U.S. Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

This therapist has over 14 years of experience. 

Children, Adolescents, Adults

Dorthy Stott, MS, CCC-SLP, is a US-certified (USA, ASHA #12156350) & TRICARE-credentialed ​Speech-Language Pathologist​ and has over 12 years of professional experience helping children improve their communication skills.


Dorthy was born and raised in the state of Alabama, but also lived in Utah for many years, first to complete her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Brigham Young University, then to work in public schools for several years. Since moving to South Korea in 2015, she has worked in both international and private schools in Seoul. Dorthy has experience working with children presenting with a variety of diagnoses and communication needs, including: articulation and phonology disorders, receptive and expressive language delays/disorders, autism spectrum disorder, stuttering, global developmental delay, social/pragmatic language deficits, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and hearing impairment. She has also developed and led speech and language-enriched class lessons for preschool and kindergarten groups.

Therapy Approach

My approach in speech/language therapy varies with each child, depending on their age, communication needs, as well as the child’s unique preferences or personality. With younger children, I often use more play-based techniques to help practice new skills in a natural context. One common approach is ​Milieu Therapy​, which is a range of methods that are integrated into a child’s natural environment and during activities that take place throughout the day, rather than only at “therapy time”. These can include ​Focused Stimulation ​and ​Incidental Teaching​, in which I develop activities that provide many structured learning opportunities in a play environment by using the child’s interests and natural motivation. For older children, I may use more ​curriculum- and literacy-based therapy techniques​, as children with speech or language delays are often at a higher risk than their peers for difficulties in reading and writing. These provide natural ways to target specific speech and language goals, as well as the intrinsic motivation older children need to improve their communication skills. These skills can be applied to many areas in their lives, both at school and at home, and I enjoy helping children recognize and celebrate their own progress. I work to ensure that all of the therapy techniques I use are evidence-based practices, supported by current research, and focus on using rich, naturalistic contexts. These are integral to support a child in learning new skills in a comfortable way, and to promote generalization of new communication skills to improve their everyday lives.




  • Speech & Language


  • Pyeongtaek

Fun Facts

In her spare time, Dorthy enjoys finding new foods to try, new recipes to bake, and biking by the river. Yoga and crocheting are some of her favorite ways to unwind.


  • MS:​ Brigham Young University (2008, Communication Disorders)
  • BS:​ Brigham Young University (2006, Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology)


  • Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, USA, #12156350)

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