Hyunnie Rew, M.A.

Hyunnie Rew, M.A.

Certified Counselor

This therapist has over 3 years of experience. 

Adolescents, Adults
English, Korean, Bilingual

Hyunnie Rew, M.A. is a certified counselor for adults and adolescents in Korea. She is also a partner therapist for the Seoul City Mental Health Project for young adults. She was born and raised in Korea and spent her time in Canada and Australia in her 20s studying and working.


Hyunnie Rew, M.A. studied Family Counseling from Yonsei University. She often brings her insights into individual therapy to explore one’s family dynamic and correlations in their thinking and behavioral patterns. She holds Counseling License (Level 2) from Korean Counseling Psychological Association and is working towards her Youth Therapist License (Level 2) that will be issued by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

She completed her intensive training at the following institutions:

  • English-speaking therapy from You&Me Psychological Consulting Services (Seoul, Korea)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Schema Therapy by Hanwool Counseling Center (Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)

She is currently a designated counselor by Seoul City for its mental health plan. In this government-funded project, she focuses on helping young adults with depression, anxiety, trauma, interpersonal issues, career adjustment, and setting healthy boundaries with their primal caregivers.

Hyunnie was born and raised in South Korea but also lived in Toronto and Sydney in her 20s studying the English language and working. Before becoming a therapist, she experienced a cross-cultural environment for over a decade at diplomatic bodies such as the U.S. Embassy and the Netherlands Embassy in South Korea. She encountered people from diverse backgrounds and helped with their civic and urgent lifetime issues.

Therapy Approach

I am rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to seek one’s thinking, emotive, and behavioral patterns and guide clients to overcome negative lifestyles. My job is to listen, validate, and empathize with the client’s pain but also I am there to challenge self-destructive thoughts and irrational behaviors in various ways. I often integrate my therapeutic approaches with Mindfulness, so that clients are aware of their somatic experience and stay here & now. These techniques have worked well with clients with various psychological difficulties.

When working with couples, I use the Gottman Approach to explore the couple’s conflicts called “perpetual problems”. In this process, the couple exposes their vulnerable feelings and learns to embrace and accept each other.

I always believe that clients have the key to their own problems. My role is to guide them to bring out their potential and strengths for a happier and healthier life. Therefore, I work closely with my clients to build a relationship of trust and help them to enable transformative experiences.




  • ADHD
  • Anxiety / Panic Attacks
  • Couples Therapy
  • Depression
  • Family Conflict
  • Grief
  • Self Esteem
  • Social Skills & Peer Relationships
  • Trauma / PTSD


  • Seoul (Sinsa)
  • Online

Fun Facts

Once a salsa dancer, I ironically like taking care of my old cat and watching my favorite psycho-thriller series at home these days. One of the most valuable times for me would be to travel to foreign countries with my family and be exposed to new cultures and food.


  • MA: Yonsei University (2022, Family Counseling)
  • BA: National Institute of Lifelong Education (2019, Psychology)
  • BA: Kookmin University (1999, History)


  • Korean Counseling Psychological Association (한국상담심리학회, 심리상담사 2급 #6261)

U.S. Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Licensed Counselor
U.S. Certified Psychologist
U.S. Licensed Social Worker
Licensed Counselor
U.S. Licensed Counselor
U.S. Licensed Mental Health Counselor; National Certified Counselor
U.S. Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist
UK Registered Psychotherapist; Certified Counselor
U.S. Licensed Counselor

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