Sandra Kim, M.A.

Sandra Kim, M.A.

Resident Counselor

This therapist has over 1 years of experience. 

Children, Adolescents, Adults
English, Korean, Bilingual

Sandra (Ha Young) Kim, M.A., is a Resident Counselor in South Korea. She was born in Seoul and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She received clinical training at Torch Trinity Graduate University.


During her Master’s Degree program in Counseling at Torch Trinity Graduate University which is an English program, locally-based in Korea, she received specialized clinical training in mental health with over 100 hours of practicum and supervision. She has worked with various clients with anxiety, trauma, depression, schizophrenia, narcissism, career troubles, and adjustment stress among others. Through her program and experience she has come to develop an integrative approach from various treatment techniques such as CBT, ACT, Object Relations Theory, and Gestalt Therapy.

Therapy Approach

Among my therapy approaches, I use a treatment called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in which I seek to help you uncover unhealthy thinking patterns and core beliefs to turn them into healthy patterns of thought and beliefs along with deep empathy and understanding of your concerns. I will teach you skills to overcome your battles and help navigate your journey with hope, joy, and encouragement, focusing on your strengths and innate resources, as well as help build your resilience in your everyday life to big crises through mindfulness and self-compassion. I also use Object Relations Theory and Attachment Theory in my approach to help bring to your awareness your relational patterns with others, as well as with yourself, as you are in the here-and-now rooting from childhood experiences, and help you re-experience relations with others through a positive attachment and relationship in our alliance. I also use Gestalt Therapy techniques such as the empty chair and role-play to bring you into contact with emotions resulting from past relationships. Lastly, I integrate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help you identify what you value in life and support you in living out these values despite any emotional ups and downs that you might have along the way, at times suggesting experimental methods relevant to the body-soul (spirit) connection. As your number one cheerleader and ally, I hope that you would have a worthwhile and meaningful connection with me, tailored to your unique needs, as you grow and heal on our journey together.




  • Adjustment Stress
  • Alcohol / Substance Abuse
  • Anxiety / Panic Attacks
  • Career Counseling
  • Depression
  • Family Conflict
  • Self Esteem
  • Social Skills & Peer Relationships
  • Trauma / PTSD


  • Seoul (Sinsa)
  • Online

Fun Facts

I enjoy dancing, and swimming, and like to sing and play guitar occasionally. I also love the outdoors on a crisp Autumn day.


  • MA: Torch Trinity Graduate University (2023, Christian Counseling)
  • BA: Yonsei University (2017, International Studies)


  • Korea Association of Vocational Education: Psychological Counselor – Level 1 (한국직업능력교육협회: 심리상담사 – 1급)
  • Korea Association of Vocational Education: Psychological Evaluator – Level 1 (한국직업능력교육협회: 심리분석사 – 1급)
  • Korea Association of Vocational Education: Emotional Coaching Expert – Level 1 (한국직업능력교육협회: 감정코치전문가 – 1급)

U.S. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & U.S. Registered Play Therapist
Certified Psychologist (TRICARE, Kenya & Ethiopia)
U.S. Licensed Psychologist
U.S. Licensed Therapist
U.S. Certified & TRICARE-Credentialed Speech-Language Pathologist
Certified Counselor
U.S. Licensed Psychologist
Certified Counselor
UK Registered Psychotherapist; Certified Counselor

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